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Walt Conley passed away November 16, 2003.

Conley & Company were quite possibly the best known performers of Irish pub music in the Denver area. Walt's career spanned 40 years and incorporated blues, folk and Irish music. This site is a tribute to Walt's career. All of Walt's known recordings have now been transferred to CD and are available for purchase. Visit the discography page on this site. A DVD of Walt's memorial service is also available for purchase.

"I've been a folk singer, or should I say, a singer of folk songs, for most of my adult life. My idea of folk singers is men like Woody Guthrie, Leadbelly, Pete Seeger, Merle Travis and dozens more who worked and traveled through the hardships and joys of the folks they wrote about. The music I choose to interpret is really a vicarious expression of my life, because for every song I sing I have a memory from my own travels. That's what keeps this music alive-the shared association we all have with these songs."

-Walt Conley, from liner notes, After All These Years