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Throughout his career, when not performing solo, Walt has chosen to surround himself with an assortment of outstanding sidemen (and sideladies). Companyis the term which is used to describe any configuration of fine musicians who accompany Walt. Some members of the Companyhave had relatively short tenures, while others, most notably the late Clark Burch, have enjoyed lengthy tenures. Clark performed with Walt for thirty years. Ted Sherman was also at Walt's side for fourteen years.

At present, the Companyis comprised of a bass, fiddle, mandolin, and harmonica player to complement Walt on his nine-string guitar and six-string banjo. Most members of the Companyhave even been known to sing.

The New Millennium Company

Rear (L- R) Bill O'Donnell, Tony McAleavey
Front (L- R) Susie Lewis, Walt Conley, Michael Kent